Portfolio Companies

Achillion Pharmaceuticals
Next generation antivirals
Aerovance *
Novel therapeutics for the manegement of asthma
Agile Therapeutics
Women's health pharmaceuticals
Avanir Pharmaceuticals *
Novel CNS drugs
Biosyntech *
Advanced biotherapeutic thermogels
Cabrellis Pharmaceuticals *
Small molecule cancer therapeutics. Acquired by Pharmion, now Celgene Corp.
Cadence Pharmaceuticals *
Hospital specialty pharmaceuticals
Cytogen *
Specialty products for oncology and pain
Gloucester Pharmaceuticals *
Cancer therapeutics. Acquired by Celgene Corp.
Mast Therapeutics
Pulmonary-focused drug development
Mersana Therapeutics
Novel polymer-based therapeutics
MethylGene *
Small molecule enzyme inhibitors
NovaDel Pharma
Novel delivery of pharmaceuticals
Optimer Pharmaceuticals *
Anti-infective therapeutics
Palkion *
Novel therapeutics to treat anemia
Sopherion Therapeutics
Cancer therapeutics
Tragara Pharmaceuticals
Cancer and anti-inflammatory therapeutics
Ziopharm Oncology *
Small molecule cancer therapeutics
* Exited Investments