Portfolio Companies

BioRexis *
Protein engineering for improved biologics. Acquired by Pfizer.
Concentric Medical *
Minimally invasive devices. Acquired by Stryker Corporation.
Cypress Bioscience *
Pain and CNS therapeutics
Gemin X Biotechnologies *
Small molecule cancer therapeutics. Acquired by Cephalon, now Teva.
Guava Technologies *
Cell analysis platform. Acquired by Millipore.
Iomai Corporation *
Transcutaneous immunization. Acquired by Intercell.
NovaDel Pharma
Novel delivery of pharmaceuticals
Optimer Pharmaceuticals *
Anti-infective therapeutics
Palatin Technologies *
Novel receptor-mediated therapeutics
Pharmion *
Specialty cancer pharmaceuticals. Acquired by Celegene Corp.
Point Therapeutics *
Small molecule cancer therapeutics
Salmedix *
Specialty oncology products. Acquired by Cephalon, now Teva.
Sopherion Therapeutics
Cancer therapeutics
Threshold Pharmaceuticals *
Metabolic targeting in oncology
Transcept *
CNS-focused specialty pharma
* Exited Investments