About ProQuest

Founded in 1998, ProQuest Investments is a healthcare venture capital firm with ~$900 million under management.

We invest in healthcare companies seeking financings ranging from seed to late-stage. Our portfolio reflects the rich diversity of the healthcare industry and exemplifies our commitment to fostering the growth of exceptional businesses. In addition to our breadth of experience across many sectors of the healthcare industry, we have special expertise in therapeutics, where innovations in drug discovery technologies and molecular analysis are transforming an enormous unmet medical need. With a proven superior track record and over 70 investments in such diverse therapeutic categories as oncology, pain and infectious disease, ProQuest Investments seeks to build long term, mutually beneficial partnerships with outstanding entrepreneurs.

Why we are unique:

Diverse skill set of the Investment Team, including scientific, clinical, operational and financial expertise
Extensive operating experience in biotech and pharmaceutical companies within the partnership
Active Scientific Advisory Board with special expertise in translating basic research into clinical practice
Team-based, proactive approach in cultivating promising young companies